Glenn Beck is Going Blind / Nation Eagerly Awaits Deterioration of Other Senses

If you are gleefully unaware of the existence of evil (aka Glenn Beck) on your tube, then feast your eyes upon this winner’s greasy little eyes and blubber-puss face to boot.  Seldom do I enjoy sinking to the level of such bloggers as Perez Hilton or Michael K. by bashing appearance…but this pig-fucker is an exception.  I don’t need to show you the research and numerous citations of his exquisite knack for avoiding the inevitable, maintaining the so-called “Christian” fundamentals our country was founded on, and extreme instances of hate.  Just google it, you’ll be busy for hours.

Instead, I’ve decided to focus on the news that God’s little left-hand man (stranger in the dark) is suffering from macular dystrophy that will eventually cause him to be blind.  Now besides the bashing of appearance, I never ever (honestly) wish pain upon another person.  But in this case…Hallelujah, praise Jesus, holy-fucking-shit it’s a bloody miracle.  The God this sick little mutant is “protecting” isn’t helping him now, is he?  Well…look on the bright side, Glennis: now all you have to do is HEAR us sin.

To sum it all up:  Glenn Beck is an anvil of stupid that keeps dropping on the heads of democrats.  My brain is suffering from his copious amounts of “what the fuck?!”…

Seriously, Pray For the Death Of These Idiots

Some loser created a group on Facebook essentially calling for prayers for Obama’s death.  In the most idiotic way possible.

Coupla things.  The group’s title is so absurd it’s hard to take the underlying message seriously.  The group, “DEAR LORD THIS YEAR YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTOR PATRICK SWAYZIE YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTRESS FARAH FAWCETT YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE SINGER MICHAEL JACKSON I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW MY FAVORITE PRESIDENT IS BARACK OBAMA AMEN” really looks like you see it here.  This douchey asshole actually yelled this particular title, and people actually like the group.  Over a million very, very ignorant people.  Well, to be fair, some of those people are probably just curious as to what is going on with the group, and are not actually praying for the death of Obama.

Ok, so the first and most obvious thing here is that this person believes in ‘God,’ however obviously doesn’t think much of ‘God’s’ intelligence, since he (for the sake of ease we’ll say it’s a he.  The bag of dicks is too much of a coward to actually own up to his work of art) thinks he can use trickery to force ‘God’ into, well, making Obama die.

The next gap in logic is that people actually think praying for someone’s death will result in the death of that person.  If that were true, pretty much all of us would be dead.  When we piss someone off and they say something along the lines of, “Dear God,” wait, maybe it only works if it’s all in caps.  Let’s try again.  We piss someone off and they say, “DEAR GOD, THAT BITCH JUST CUT ME OFF.  SHE SHOULD DIE AND GO TO HELL.”  By that logic, that should be enough to kill that person and send them straight to hell.  Oh, wait.  I forgot.  “AMEN.”  Well, for “God’s” sake, we all need to start praying for the death of this group of douchebags.  If they believe they can assassinate the President of the United States with prayer, millions of people praying for their deaths should scare the shit out of them!

Third, pretty sure calling for the death of the President of the United States is treason.  Even if this mind-numbingly stupid Facebook group started out as a joke, or was created simply to say that they don’t like the President without any valid reasoning, which I’ll address later, it’s likely that it will make some fucking nutcase with a super-accurate rifle feel included and part of a group when he decides to take matters into his own hands and play “God,” answering these fucking morons’ prayers.

If Obama's a socialist, does that make Glen Beck Joe McCarthy?

Back to the no valid reasoning part…there is no discussion of policy on this page.  There is clearly no understanding of where Obama stands with regards to politics.  Which would be a reason to dislike the President.  Obama’s policy is very middle-of-the-road.  The Republicans came up with that to scare the shit out of people in a last-ditch effort to get the American people to turn on the President they elected in a landslide on an issue they agree with the President on.  Watch any of those clips from the town halls.  All of those ignorant, scared people were telling their elected representatives that they didn’t want the government involved with their healthcare, or messing with their Medicare.  Which is, of course, government-run.  So tell me, is Socialist the best ammo they’ve got?  Well, it was until someone brought a vengeful, kind of stupid, easily fooled assassinating “God” into the picture.  Let’s be clear.  This whole socialism thing is code for why people really have such a strong dislike for Barak Obama.  Hint.  Anti-Socialists = Racists.