Here’s what can be said about the movie Trespass:

  • The lighting was sufficient. Everyone could be seen with minimal eye strain to the viewer.
  • Nicole Kidman sure was in it. She was in it the whole movie…not to spoil anything.
  • You knew what was happening the whole movie because they filmed it. There were no unfilmed parts of this movie, which is good in a movie.
  • The actors memorized all their lines, and seemed to know what was going on most of the time.
  • The movie had a futuristic element to it: Nicole Kidman’s face seemed to be reverse aging throughout it.
  • Nicolas Cage is in it. Sometimes he yells, and sometimes he talks quietly. These are all his moods, so you get to see that in one place.
  • When characters were emoting, I could tell. The acting was present. They didn’t forget it at home. But maybe it went stale or they borrowed their roommates acting or something.
  • You never get lost in the plot because pretty much only one thing happens.

So, there you have it. A movie was made.

(with PZ)



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