Where fore art thou, True Blood?

Remember Eric Northman's horrible hair in season one? REMEMBER IT FOREVER!

Fine. FINE. The recent brash of vampire cinema and television is enough to make even the most die-hard undead fanatic sick, mostly due to the wildly unpopular Twilight franchise and their near-psychotic fanbase of “Twihards”. Wow. Little do these Hot Topic spazzes know that a much better written, much more ORIGINAL, better acted, and better created exists with a book series that predates their little Mormon suckfest. “The Sookie Stackhouse Series” or “The Southern Vampire Series” complete with *GASP* sex scenes and pre-marital sex (it’s illegal to marry a vampire…because they’re fucking dead, perverts).

If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about. Hot fairies, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, serial killers…love it. Love it all. Love it on toast. Love it in a tree. Hot fantasy things in hot fantasy-like scenarios including missing persons, “vampire rights”, religious discrimination, and of course, love triangles/hexagons.

Where oh where has my show been and when will it return to me?! Their current fanpage is under construction…I guess ondemand and DVDs will have to suffice until season 4!



One Response

  1. I just saw the trailer for season 4… and i cant fuckin wait >.< that shit looks fuckin awesome =)

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